Chapter 4- Yvette

Right across the street, Valerie and Jackie Gooden took in Jackie’s sister and her grandson.

Devon Churchill was his name. He was an orphan, and he lost his home the same day he lost his parents in a tragic fire. His grandma Patsy agreed to take care of him but she was elderly and needed a little help so Valerie and Jackie were more than willing, having no children of their own.

“Why hello there! I’m Yvette Shireesi, Valerie’s second cousin once removed. We live across the street.”

“You have really sexy lips… er, I mean, what’s your name?”
“Ugh, you’re so forward…”
“I’m sorry. Let’s start over. Nice to meet you.”
“Listen, we gotta get to school soon so it was good to meet you I guess…”

“Wow! Sexy wheels. May a bum a ride to school with you?”
“Sure, why not? Hop in.”
“Sorry about being so weird.”

On the way to school, they passed a mail carrier running his heart out to deliver a very important letter.

Meanwhile, back at home, the maid and Yvette’s brother Yosef were getting on very well.

“Sure, I want what everybody wants. A beautiful house with a white picket fence and maybe two or three kids.”

Yvette went over Devon’s house after school was over.

The first thing they did after having a little snack was play a very competitive game of chess in which Yvette creamed Devon.


“Ooooh ooh, that feels gooooood…”

“I’ve had a crush on you for sooo long but I didn’t know how to approach you. Plus I was afraid you were too old for me…”

“What are your plans for the future?”
“Well, I’d like to maybe be a doctor someday.”

“Well, my grades aren’t all that great, but I’m trying so hard so that I can fulfill my dreams.”

“You can do anything if you put your whole heart into it.” The two talked for hours. Soon, it was almost curfew.

[insert slightly inappropriate flirtatious joke about squid here]

“Hey, let’s go stargazing!”

“Oh my gosh, Devon, look! Lunar moths! Let’s try to catch some.”

“Tee hee, it tickles my hand!”

“You’re funny, I like you.”

“Tomorrow let’s go to Kitchen Little and get some pancakes for breakfast!”
“Sounds like a date.”

Back at the house, Yosef and the maid had been standing in the same place all day long, flirting.

“It’s getting late… I should probably be getting home.”

I don’t really want you to go home just yet. Will you stay a little longer?”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

With that, Yosef planted a simple kiss on her lips.

Every day Yosef had watched Maria make the bed… now he got to snuggle with her in it.

Before Yvette went to sleep, she laid in bed daydreaming. I’ll have a boyfriend before Valentine’s Day she thought to herself.

That night, Yvette dreamed of punching Isaac DeVore right in the chin.


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Winner Announced!

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Berkeley Middleton made by Egorowski of the Havelock Legacy.

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Owen Brookes made by KyrstenA of the Worldwide Legacy.

Second place goes to:

Edward made by Atomshykitty of the Locos Legacy.

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Darian Long!!! Made by CrazyPlumbob915 of the Vegas Legacy!

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Character Casting Call!

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This casting call is for a teen male from Sims 3. He should be attractive as he is going to be directly involved in the bloodline of the Honeycutt legacy.

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Yvette- Chapter 3

Time was flying fast in the Shireesi household and the button witnessed many changes occur. First, Ysabel grew up into a teen. She displayed an artistic talent for painting and a natural musical ability. She was also turned out to be a big flirt.

The button knew deep down that Yvette never loved Isaac. Yvette finally realized it too, and she just about had it with him trying to put his hands where they didn’t belong. She wasn’t ready yet for a physical relationship and that’s the reason she stated when they broke up.

Yosef was becoming extremely good at chess and no one in the family could beat him.

Yosef grew into a young man and beat his first ranked chess opponent.

He had a relationship with his neighbor Belinda Honeycutt, but they broke up when Michelle and Blake explained that she was his 2nd cousin once removed because they both shared the same Great-Great-Grandmother Rose.

Michelle showed Yosef on the family tree where Belinda stood. Technically, they could stay together if they really wanted because they were distant enough in relation, but the idea creeped Yosef out too much so they called it quits. Belinda was devastated. Author note: Technically, no person in the world is ever farther than 50th cousins with any other person in the world. We’re all related.

Michelle and Blake thought they were done with kids but Harmony kept begging Michelle for one more so she could have her wish of ten grandchildren fulfilled.

Michelle and Blake finally caved in. After all, they were still young and they could have more children. They could afford it and their home was large enough. Why not? The more the merrier.

This was the first picture taken of baby Yasmin. Two seconds later, Yasmin had a twin sister! What a surprise. The more the merrier indeed.

Author note: This is the first time playing Sims 3 where I had twins without listening to kids music!

The name had not been picked out because it wasn’t planned but after pondering between Yolanda and Yvonne, the baby was called Yvonne.

Shortly thereafter, Ysabel noticed a very cute boy who moved into town named Finn Fairfax.