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Character Casting Call

This casting call is for a female from Sims 3. She can look however you want her to look and should be either a young adult or teen, it’s up to you. Custom content such as hair and makeup is not only welcomed but strongly encouraged. 🙂

Please post your head shots with a link to download her HERE!

Closing date for entries is Saturday 26th November.

I will announce the winner on Sunday 27th Noveber.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see the entries!



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I’m still going to continue updating my Sims 3 Legacy but I’m also going to be doing this on the side! I’m a HUGE Sims 3 fan, but since the game will not let me have too much stuff going on at once, I’m using Sims 2 to do the Bachelor Challenge. Please check it out! Thanks.

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Honeycutt Hiatus

I don’t know when I’ll get another chapter up… the game is continually crashing ever since I tried to do the Bachelor Challenge on the side. I tried to do it in Riverview and since that wasn’t working as the game kept crashing, I moved them to the same neighborhood as the Honeycutts and turned off the story progression and aging. However, the game still crashed so I gave up and just tried to play the Honeycutts again but now THEY are crashing. The only time it ever crashed on the Honeycutts was when I tried to move them to another house. I really don’t know what’s going on. Someone please give me some pointers on what to do if my game is crashing. Thanks.

P.S. Here is the journal I started. The other sims’ pictures are not uploaded yet because the game kept crashing before I could snap their photos. Meanwhile, I can’t wait for January 10th which is when the next episode of season 15 airs on ABC.

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In my spare time, I have been working on a “Sims 3 Bachelor Challenge.” I created all the smoking hot contestants and wrote their bios. Unfortunately, the game keep crashing before I can even start playing. I have no idea what’s going on. Does anyone know what to do?

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I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while… I’ve been VERY busy with orders for my business. I had a craft show last week and I have a craft show tomorrow… plus I had to replenish my supplies for each because the health food store wiped me out of lip balm and my sister wiped me out of candles for Christmas presents so I’ve been making perfume and body butter and lip balm like crazy! 🙂

Please stay tuned for I have many more of Michelle’s adventures coming up… and posting of her beautiful children!!! All I will say is that I haven’t seen a more beautiful baby and I’ve been taking TONS of pictures of him.

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Favorite Sims Stories

My current theme does not allow me to post links on the right side of my favorite stories so I thought that I would post them in a comment.

The Taylor Family Legacy A Sims 3 Legacy Story

Operation Population: A Sims 3 “Who’s Your Daddy?” Challenge

Lost in Sugar Valley: A Berry Sweet Story

Splash of Color: A Berry Sweet Rainbowcy

The Seraphine Legacy: A Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

Sweet As Sugars:A Vibrant New Rainbowcy

Chim Chim Chimeree: Mariah’s Rainbow Legacy

Post your legacies and challenges! I am always looking for more stories to read. Thanks!

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No More Glitches!

Horray horray! At long last I have figured out how to UNinstall the clothing that was causing glitches and crashes. I will finally get to see my newborn babies again instead of monstrous tan sticks.

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