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Chapter 5- Yvette

Yvette aged into a beautiful young woman. She decided her humangod-given eyes were more beautiful than her blue contacts and ditched them to go au naturale.

She and Devon Churchill had been dating only a few short months before they had their first kiss in Lindenley park.

sims kiss
Yvette knew from the beginning this was a forever love.

The summer before they went to college, Devon popped the question in the same place where they had their first kiss.

Yvette remembered the time they caught lunar moths that magical night they first met. It was fitting that she and Devon caught butterflies on their wedding day.

It was a beautiful day to tie the knot.

“With this ring I thee wed.”

After their vows, they ran across the street and caught a movie. In their excitement, they almost got hit by a taxi.

“We’re married at last!” Yvette said between catching her breath. They made love for the first time in the empty theater.

After their honeymoon, they moved in to Grape Expectations on Cherry Tree Lane.

Yvette had dreamed of this moment her entire life.

She was so happy to be Yvette Churchill.

Little did Yvette know, her happily ever after fairy tale would soon become a nightmare…
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