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Hello Simmers!!!

It’s been a while! I moved to Arizona and didn’t have a computer for a very long time and now I’m settled in and have one! Yay!

Electronic Arts came out with the Sims 3 pets demo where you can create a pet. I made one dog, one cat, and one horse and you can download them for later when the game comes out in 21 days.

My cat is based on my real life beloved four legged friend who I had since I was seven years old and passed away last year. He was a precious, friendly black and white tuxedo cat with little white paws and a white belly named Sabi as in Kemo Sabi which means best friend. His mother was a Siamese and we don’t know who his father was! πŸ˜‰ I made his traits proud, hunter, and friendly.

Download Sabi.Sims3Pack

My next pet is a black Friesian stallion I named Starfire which has always been my favorite breed of horse.

Download Starfire.Sims3Pack

And last but not least is the cutest dog you’ve ever seen. I didn’t take a picture of it unfortunately but I must have spent at least an hour decorating her coat with cute little brown speckles. She has one blue eye and one green eye and is a genius, friendly, and non-destructive. Download ZUZU today!

Download Zuzu.Sims3Pack


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The Bachelor has two more entries. I ran out of time today so I didn’t finish day four, but now there’s a cliff hanger!

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I apologize for not updating! My husband needs the computer for school… we only have one so Sims is considered frivolous use of time when he needs it. 😦 When I finally was able to get on, my sims I keep getting this error message when I try to use the sims3launcher to download Darian: “There was an error while downloading content.” Therefore, any update I post will not include the winner of the casting call until I figure out how to fix this error. 😦

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Winner Announced!

Thank you SO MUCH to all who entered a sim into the character casting call for the Honeycutt Legacy! There were so many beautiful sims and it was really hard to pick one. You all did such a lovely job!!! There were so many handsome sims, I felt that they should be seen and recognized by the wonderful simmers who read my legacy:

An honorable mention for the beautiful…

Berkeley Middleton made by Egorowski of the Havelock Legacy.

Third place is awarded to:

Owen Brookes made by KyrstenA of the Worldwide Legacy.

Second place goes to:

Edward made by Atomshykitty of the Locos Legacy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adeiu, may I present to you our winner…

Darian Long!!! Made by CrazyPlumbob915 of the Vegas Legacy!

Expect an update tomorrow if I get a chance starring Darian Long, whose name is subject to change. πŸ™‚

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Tomorrow is the very last day to get your entries in for the character casting call so send me your handsome sims today! πŸ™‚ Look forward to the next chapter very soon. This is the last call… post your beautiful genes here.

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Character Casting Call!

Hello everyone! I first saw this on the Starr Legacy and I loved the idea so much I thought I’d try it, too.

This casting call is for a teen male from Sims 3. He should be attractive as he is going to be directly involved in the bloodline of the Honeycutt legacy.

Please post your head shots with a link to download him HERE!

Closing date for entries is Friday 28th January.

I will announce the winner on Saturday 29th January.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see the entries!


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My husband is shocked that we had a baby girl with the Honeycutt red hair on only our second try.

A dopey gaze at my handsome husband who gave me this beautiful girl!

We named her Yvette.

Yosef is very happy to have a new baby sister.

He’s starting to grow hair like his daddy.

Blake got a promotion at work… he’s working toward becoming mayor of Cuyahoga Valley.

Blake snapped this picture of me all aglow bringing our new daughter home from the hospital. Her name is Ysabel.

At one point (but not for long) all three of our children were toddlers. Let me tell you, it was crazy having three toddlers under foot!

But it wasn’t long before Yosef grew up.

He was able to help out a lot. He was always there for us, and saw them take their first steps.

He heard their first words and even taught them a few himself.

He didn’t help out with potty training though…

He left that to us. πŸ˜‰

Here’s Yvette about to have her birthday…

and she grew up, too, from this…

To this. She insisted on getting blue eye contacts because she didn’t like her cinnamon brown eyes.

On Yvette’s first day of school, she sat next to her brother on the bus. He would protect her and take her under his wing. I was so glad she had him. My siblings were so much older than I, I never had anyone older to look up to at school because they were already young adults and moved out by the time I was born. But I had nephews and nieces at school that were my age!

When Yvette came home from school she told me that some kids on the playground told her about where babies come from and I had to set her straight on some details… but I made sure I left out some parts for when she’s older, telling her as clearly as I could what she needs to know now. Maybe we should have told her sooner so she heard it from us first?

While I helped Yvette with her homework, Yosef took good care of his sister Ysabel for me.

She has the original Honeycutt eyes and Blake’s strawberry red hair.

Yosef is such a good brother and has the makings of a fine man.

Yvette also is going to make a fine woman. She’s very intelligent.

Yosef already had logic level 10 by time he was in 6th grade and tutored his little sister Yvette every chance she would let him. She would definitely be at the top of her class with Yosef for a brother!

Yosef and Yvette are both geniuses and play chess together a lot. They both dream of becoming chess champions when they are older. I can’t help but roote for my Yosef, after all, he’s older and has been training much longer than Yvette and he seems to want it more. Yvette only wants to be champion because she likes to copy her older brother. I have a feeling there will be some intense competition in the future.

Ysabel grows into a child.

Yvette discovered a star. She told me about it one day.

I was so proud of her.

All too soon, Yvette grew up into a teen.

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